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“Taking control of your fitness journey is down to you. However, through my effective custom workouts, designed with you in mind, you will SNAP-BACK in no time!”

M. Mussington  / Fitness Trainer 

What Should You Expect?

An initial assessment

This assessment will take place over the phone or video chat. I want to know what your day to day life is like, what injuries you've suffered/currently suffer from, and what your current exercise routine is like. This information will help me design a proper routine for you to follow so you can CRUSH your goals and WIN AT LIFE. 

A personalised strength training and cardio program

With the information you provide during the assessment and taking into consideration your fitness goals, I will  create a personalised strength training and cardio program for you to follow. This program will be reviewed and changed according to your progression. 

A personalised diet suggestion plan

A part of this journey (more then 70% of it actually) will be dependant upon your eating habits. To make this less of a burden, I offer macro breakdown recommendations,  suggestive meal plans, snack ideas, and other food prep techniques specifically for your goals. 

A personalised supplementation list

Vitamins, minerals and protein powders can help you reach your fitness goals. We can discuss which may be suitable options for you.

Constant motivation and accountability

I will monitor your progress on a weekly basis; measuring your individual exercises, reps, weight and other important benchmarks. 

Additionally, you will have access to me via email, text messages, video chats and access to my Private (LIFE) Ladies In Fitness Everywhere Facebook Group.

LIMITED spots are available, reserve yours now!

Need Some Motivation?

This is why you need to train with a female trainer!


Feel Comfortable As You Learn

Forget about all awkward feelings! The one where they look at you like you are suppose to know exactly what to do..., or shout at you like a drill sergeant. What about when they look at you in a sexual manner (cringe) and you have to play it off as if it did not happen? There are too many things that can go wrong at times and you just want to avoid it all.


Work towards YOUR Goals 

This is a big one that I know many male trainers get wrong, they give you what they think you need. As a professional female trainer I look to understand exactly what you want, then create your workout plan to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. All of my clients appreciate that my workout plans truly cater to their individual desires. 


Understanding When It's That Time of The Month

Not every woman is comfortable when it's that time of the month to explain why you cannot do another extra set. There are just certain conversations that you'd prefer not to have with a male. These problems can be menstrual issues, but are not limited to just that, because as women, we go through so many challenges that only another woman would understand. I understand you, believe me I do!


Results, Results, Results!

Everything boils down to this one thing, results! Your journey towards transforming into the body that you so long for will be easier and more attainable if you are comfortable. The training and dieting is important but as you know, if you do not have a professional trainer who knows what they're doing and who you can trust, your results are as tangible as you touching your dreams. Put in your max effort and I will ensure you get the results.


Clients Rate Coaching Skills 5 Stars

About Melissa...

Melissa is a fitness trainer, past regional and international competitive elite athlete from The Caribbean, who now lives in London, UK where she obtained her BSC in Sports Therapy. Her passion for fitness stems from transforming her own body and mind after her life spiralled downwards into obesity and abuse. She has since gained a healthy outlook on life, which helps her train other females who desire to get closer to their dream bodies. Not only has she improved the lives of her clients, but also her family and friends, models and other athletes. Along the way, Melissa has learned that the perfect combination of nutrition and strength training, is the key to any fitness goal. "The things we believe we are unable to achieve, just require a little support." If your goal is to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, or even simply to improve your quality of life, Melissa is the one to help you get there.

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