Shift That Weight In 28 

I am sooooo excited to share this program with you!The results from the summer challenges were incredible, and some results were even better than I expected!

The full program will be launching at the end of August and for those of you who join my waiting list before the launch, will be getting a MASSIVE discount!

Only limited amount of people will get this discount, so don't miss out! 

Molica was the winner of the first challenge. Listen to what she thought of it!

Female Personal Trainer Results

Ready to join the waiting list?

Melissa is a fitness trainer, past regional and international competitive elite athlete from The Caribbean, who now lives in London, UK where she obtained her BSC in Sports Therapy. Her passion for fitness stems from transforming her own body and mind after her life spiralled downwards into obesity and abuse. She has since gained a healthy outlook on life, which helps her train other females who desire to get closer to their dream bodies. Not only has she improved the lives of her clients, but also her family and friends, models and other athletes. Along the way, Melissa has learned that the perfect combination of nutrition and strength training, is the key to any fitness goal. "The things we believe we are unable to achieve, just require a little support." If your goal is to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, or even simply to improve your quality of life, Melissa is the one to help you get there.

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